Hey Kids!

Posted on 9:32 AM
This weekend was a lot of fun! Nana Dear and Papaw (Josh's Parents) came in to help me out with Jace. They arrived on Friday, and left just this morning. It was so nice to have some help after such a crazy week last week. It was great getting some time to rest, AND great to hang out with them! I talked Claudia into helping me go through all of Jace's baby things, and was able to clear out MOUNDS of baby clothing we won't be needing anymore :o)
Jace has decided that he needs to be with mommy 24/7... This is a new development. And a tad frustrating. The past two nights he would not go to sleep unless I was sitting with him, or he was in my bed with the promise that I would be in shortly... I'm hoping it is a very short lived phase, as I have no idea how to live through this once the girls come and need so much attention.
Joshua will be home tonight and Jace and I are both VERY excited. We had some family pics taken a few weeks ago and I got them loaded into my computer last night. I will post some pictures on here to share shortly.

Feelin' better!

Posted on 1:03 PM
Jace is over the flu, whew! It was quite a long week. Josh just left this morning and we had a really fantastic week together. Hopefully soon, he will not be leaving every other week anymore. Friday night, Jace spent the night with Gigi and Papa (my parents) and Saturday we all went fishing, sadly, to no avail... and then josh and Jace camped out in Papa and Gigi's front yard. It was adorable. Jace was super excited to camp with Daddy and they stayed up watching a movie on Joshs' laptop. Sunday was a lot of fun, as we celebrated Josh's big 30th birthday. This week Jace and I are planning to have tons of fun! Updates to come :o)